Kanji 見えない鎖1
Romaji Mie Nai Kusari 1
Volume 2
Arc Invisible Chains Arc
Total Pages 18
Year Released August 1, 2012
Shonen Sunday Issue 2012-35
Altered.15 Altered.17

Invisible Chains 1 (見えない鎖1, Mie Nai Kusari 1) is Chapter 16 of the manga series, Area D - Inou Ryouiki.


Jin, Dr. Soga and company continue fulfilling house calls. At their eleventh case, Satoru and Kaito ran away from a rampaging Altered before Mariko slammed him down. Jin quickly subdued him to gave way to Soga to activate his ability and healed him. The patient's subordinates arrives, asking about their boss' condition. The patient apologizes for losing control but Soga said he should not transform in the meantime and that he needs not his apology but the fee. Kaito feels sorry for Mariko getting bruises because of saving him, but she told him not to worry because she's dead anyway.

In an eatery, Satoru comments on how ironic it is to have food stalls in a prison and asked Soga why he gives medical services to the prisoners. The doctor asserts they will eventually understand. Jin questions him the reason for them coming to his duty calls. Soga answered that he just wanted them to know more about the people on the island and to know Jin's whereabouts, although he claimed he doesn't care much or less . He and Mariko are about to leave when Jin confirmed his assertions. Meanwhile, Enki watches from afar. Jin asks Soga if he knows of a man with a big old scar on his back - his brother .

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