Reward of Courage 4
Kanji 勇気の報酬4
Romaji Yūki no Hōshū 4
Volume 3
Arc Reward of Courage Arc
Total Pages 18
Year Released October 3, 2012
Shonen Sunday Issue 2012-44
Altered.22 Altered.24

Reward of Courage 4 (勇気の報酬,Yūki no Hōshū 4) is Chapter 23 of the manga series, Area D - Inou Ryouiki.


A mysterius Man , Who Suddenly Appeared, Captured Satoru...! on the other hand , members of Isobe's Gang Attacked Kaito Yuuki and Mariko. In order to Protect the injured Mariko, Kaito has finally unleashed his Ability.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit



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