Ango Agatha
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Age: 18 (past)
Gender: Male
Power: Ango Agatha's Ability
Occupation: Professor of Quantum Physics
Manga Debut: Altered.44

Ango Agatha was an altered researcher, and the true main antagonist of the series.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Ango Agatha's theory and interest, are that people who acquired powers from the incident were dubbed as "Alters" and should be treated as equals and be helped in controlling their ability.

This action gained the trust of Rin and Jin Kazaragi.

Ango Agatha's concern for his fellow Alters was a false act and his true motive were to study them in captivity from the public eye. His true nature was cold and heartless for the well being of his test subjects and cared only for their abilities for his research.

History Edit

He's professor of Quantum Physics at Miskatonic University. As stated by Rio, although an altered himself, he is a prodigy and the most esteemed scientist in the research of the altered. According to Soga, Ango Agatha made Area D himself. He is former student of Professor.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Abilities Edit

By using his ability Ango can "see" who is altered and who isn't.

Trivia Edit

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