Bastet's Claw
Bastet's Claw
Kanji バステトの爪
Romaji Basuteto no Tsume
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.09

Bastet's Claw (バステトの爪, Basuteto no Tsume) is the ability of Enki.

Usages and LimitationsEdit

Bastet's Claw enables Enki to give form to artificial beings using flames. When she summons her flames, her hands darken and grows claws similar to a cat. She creates feline-like creatures, which appears to have trident-like tattoos on their heads with the middle prong looking like a laminar flame from a candle, and constantly clad in flames. Enki stated that her flame felines are used for long range combat. Enki also uses her power to enlighten dark places.

Enki's flames are intensified when angered, however when said thing happens it seems that she loses control of her ability.

It is still not known whether there is a limit to how many cats she can summon at once.

Improvement Edit

After Jin copied this ability, he and Enki can combine their powers by holding hands of each other. Instead of summoning many little creatures, they summon a large enormous feline-like creature. In this form, flames are stronger, harder and darker than the regular.


  • Bastet is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess. She was the the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt. Bastet is depicted as a woman with a feline head, be it a cat or a lioness.
  • Scientists stated that each prisoner's powers are related to their heart's desires. Enki's case is special because while she was accused of arson she was not the arsonist.