An Eclipse is an area within the prison where altered mysteriously lose they're powers & abilities. A phenomenon that appears sometimes temporarily or indefinitely within some parts of the island; where an altered's powers are abruptly shut down.

Due to it's limited radius and time frame, some of the gaoler's found usage for these strange spaces as containment for the more incorrigible prisoners being the perfect way in order to keep them from running wild.

Eclipse zones not only depower a user but also fixes and resets ones physiological appearance undoing any odd alterations a user has due to ability manifestations, as show by the Professor when he reverted to his normal human state. The effect on empowered objects such as Mariko under the influence of said Area Space not only lose they're special gifts but eventually lose mobility and sentience reverting back to they're inanimate states, meaning eclipse can also cancel out remote effects of user's abilities as well.

It was revealed by the professor that eclipse area's are the result of events in which Altered first emerged and that the strange space in and of itself is the result of a parallel world colliding with they're own, every-time that world over lapses with this one a null space is created where an ability users loses they're power; thusly resulting in eclipse's.

Effective Range & Locations Edit

Some Eclipse's only stretch so far as 20m in diameter and some only last for no longer than 15 hours but the range of these nullification fields varies from place to place as does the duration of them all. On average The Eclipse Effect appears in more than 80 different locations around The Island both inland and beyond it's prison borders, some are airborne while others sit below ground periodically a fixed location will appear where it either lasts indefinitely or cycles it's effect.

To date nearly several locations have been put to use by individuals and various factions who roam Area D, these area's include:

  • Abandond Sports Stadium
  • Old Shopping District
  • Amusement Park

Tartarus Edit


A special prison named after the very pits where the Greek Gods once sealed monsters and they're most venerable condemned. In story this is a super max solitary area to cordon of some of the more dangerous prisoners of Area D from the rest of the island, with a permanent Eclipse stretching for miles and miles around within the great valley reminiscent to the grand canyons.

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