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Biographical Information
Kanji: エンキ
Rōmaji: Enki
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Power: Bastet's Claw
Affiliation: West
Manga Debut: Altered.09
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Enki (エンキ, Enki), real name Miki Kinoshita (三木木下, Kinoshita Miki).


Enki has long curly red hair and blue eyes. Wears a verticle stripped cap with a star on the far left, black colorings on the sides and different colored lining patterns on it's bill. Adorns a tank top for a shirt that shows off her fit yet very slender figure coupled with daisy dukes. A rather firey beauty with a hot persona to match. She appears to be in her early or mid twenties.

During Satoru & Mika's rescue mission she fashioned a sailor uniform cosplay with her hair in a ponytail.


Has the id traits of a cat including the curiosity, but one thing she holds to more than anything is pride. Enki is rather boastful about her skills and it infuriates her greatly when her ego is tarnished. She's proven that she can be quite territorial, going as far as incinerating allies just to keep after her prey. In a nutshell she can be quite haughty as well as stubborn and easy to hold a grudge against those who have wounded her reputation. 


Miki Kinoshita is a girl that became a wanted criminal after being framed for an arson that took place in Kobe.

Trying to find the real culprit and clean her name Miki investigated the case for over a month. While on the task she discovered her powers and got arrested. It seems that Miki found out who the arson was but refused to tell as it appears to be someone close to her.

Miki took the alias "Enki" before or shortly after entering Area D where she joined Asura's faction when the latter established herself as the boss of the west.

She has been in Area D for almost 3 years.


Gate D ArcEdit

Enki acted as Asura's examiner. She introduced herself to Jin and Mika along with her ability. Asura commented about Enki's approach on the trials, saying that Enki fights to defeat her opponents instead of just measuring their abilities; Asura also confirmed that Enki has never experienced defeat at the hands of newcomers and how her power makes her an opponent to fear. 

She fought Jin and Mika and had trouble dealing with the later Space-Eater. She pursued the duo to Gate D and claimed that Jin could not steal her abilities due to them not being made for close combat and that she figured out Mika's Space-Eater range. When she thought of them as cornered, Jin made 3 vacuums with Mika's abilities that bent Enki's Bastet's Claw; this allowed Jin to get close to Enki and steal her powers thus earning a virtual victory.

As Jin refused to finish her, she felt ridiculed and went berserk on enemies & allies alike. Another examiner took Enki out of the battle zone much to her chagrin.

SuperPower District ArcEdit

While Jin was wrecking havoc at the 3 bosses Enki just glared at him from a building. Enki kept an eye on them from afar as they went along with doctor Soga.

Invisible Chains ArcEdit

Enki was eavesdropping Jin's talk with Soga about his reasons to be in Area D. After a fight broke out Enki protected Mika with her Bastet's Claw, but as soon as she prepared to counter-attack the jailer's alarm sounded and everyone scattered. Enki told Jin that she had no particular reason for her actions and warned him about the jailer.

Enki explained the jailer's background and also the "three-out" rule which states that after 3 infractions the prisoner will get shoot to death. Enki heard Jiga blaming Jin for the "Lotus Flower Incident" an event that took 20,000 lives and is considered history's worst altered terrorist incident.

After Jin left the place, Enki followed him with the rest of the group telling him that she got 2 out of 3 outs in the last skirmish and came to complain, but she also told him that no terrorist returns to help comrades and for that reason she does not believe Jin to be one.

Reward of CourageEdit

While Kaito was trying to get information from Jin about his brother and telling him that they are "friends" Enki quickly disregarded the status saying that she is just there due to the current circumstances and because she wanted a rematch with Jin, not to make friends. As Kaito was showing the crew his powers as a sign of trust Enki noticed danger outside and told them to put out the lights predicting an ambush. Enki recognized Isobe as the leader of the attack. 

At some point she was captured by the übermensch union.

Witch of the WestEdit

After defeating Kidou of the east Jin demanded Enki's release. Enki was not pleased thinking he did it only to get information about Asura and went violent on him. Jin told her he wanted information but not about Asura, instead about the place she was being held captive as her senses were the best of the 3 hostages. Enki admired Jin's determination to rescue his friends and cut his hair as an apology for her outburst.

Enki told Jin about Asura's background and how she changed the way women live in Area D. Enki warned him about Asura and promised to tell about her time captive if he survives. After being interrupted by Kaito and some arguing with Rio, Enki returned home.

At Asura's mansion Enki got punished by her leader for fraternizing with Jin. After an apparent dinner and failing negotiations, Asura revealed that they were under her Greek Tragedy while Enki was being used as bait for them to lower their guards and then explained that Jin deserve to die due to his sense of priorities. Thanks to Mariko's undead status the group could escape from the Greek Tragedy and Jin, not wanting to put Enki in a bad position with her comrades, choose to leave but were stopped by Asura's maids. Enki took the job of keeping them busy feeling she has yet to pay her debt to Jin, she send them off expressing her wish for a rematch with Jin.

Memory LabyrinthEdit

Done with her battle Enki found the rest of the group and was surprised at them defeating the twins Kiki & Lala whom she claimed were the strongest members of Asura's faction.

Enki got caught in the Greek Tragedy when Asura snapped at Jin for looking through her heart. She recognized the place they were (Tokyo) and after an altered went out of control she tried to stop him using her powers just to find out she could not do so. Enki realized that the reason for it was because they were in the past. She saw Jin's memories with the rest of the group.

The Chains of the Beast KingEdit

Out of Jin's Greek Tragedy Enki & company got trapped into another Greek Tragedy to avoid interference in the death match between Jin and Asura in which Jin emerged victorious. Gilman from the übermensch union demanded Asura's corpse and Enki inquired the reason and it was a grisly one. Gilman found death at the hands of south's leader Gozu and a fight between him and Jin broke out, Jin then reminded Enki about the promise they made before Asura's battle.

In their way to Gozu's territory they got themselves surrounded by local altereds but a girl named Luna who was identified as the true leader of the south soothed the hostility. Rio talked with Enki about Luna's status as a leader behind her back, but Luna who was aware of their conversation corrected them about it, saying that it was more of an exchange of protection for her abilities. After being convinced by Kaito to help Luna and her sister Rio asked Enki for her information about the übermensch union. With her doubts about the usefulness of the information Enki told the group the characteristics of the place she was being kept. Prompt to lose her temper she tried to use her Bastet's Claw to no avail. Doctor Soga told them that this was because of a phenomenon called "eclipse" and with this information he sets the next destination to the east block so they can find a scientist named Moly who expertises in eclipse.

Before reaching east block Enki alerted the crew about their status as friends of Kidou's killer.

Eclipse PrisonEdit

Arriving at east block they were greet by havoc caused by the übermensch union taking territory with Kidou no loner in power, this infuriated Enki but Rio told her to focus then suddenly they were attacked by the nutcracker. Enki tried to fend him off but was driven away by the explosions. The group was saved by an eclipse affected area and professor Molly's machine guns. Enki expressed concern about the rumors she heard regarding the professor.

Enki and the group found Moly playing galges and were left speechless. Molly did not recognized them and threatened with a machine gun but Enki yelled saying that he was the one who authorized them and remarked with annoyance his bad memory. 

In exchange for the information Molly made the girls do cosplay. Enki got fed up with the cosplay session and tried to leave. Molly told her that patience is required in order to obtain intelligence. Mariko stated that the reason for Enki's hurry was because she felt responsible for Jin's captive friends, then revealed that eclipse is affecting her (as she is a reanimated corpse) but decided not to tell to avoid making things worse. Enki reprimanded her as it would actually make things worse and cried about how since meeting the group she has been acting out of character. Enki tried to take the group out of the lab again and threatened Molly with her cats just to notice that her powers are coming back; eclipse was fading out.

With eclipse out of the picture Molly had his powers back, this changed in no manner Enki's thoughts on the professor and was just disgusted at his change in appearance. Molly then not only revealed that Enki's true name is Miki Kinoshita but also all that led her to be in Area D which was a case of arson. Enki cut Molly short as soon as he tried to reveal the identity of the arsonist. When Molly revealed Kaito's background and after the latter snapped at him Enki was surprised to see him lose his usual composture. Molly used his ability to show places where eclipse happens with 3 of them with eclipse fixed and not on his control; those places were too far away to explore for the time they had so Enki wanted to narrow it down. Rio prompted Enki for ideas but she yelled that it was too sudden yet after burning some neurones she recalled the noise of the wind and massive creaking sounds. Molly narrowed it down to the amusement park.

Reaching the amusement park Molly made the girls and Kaito wear another cosplay outfit much to their annoyance and his desire to be with Enki & Rio for the search party in the form of a hug was meet with kicks. 

The girls & old man's group started with some sexual harassment by Molly's part as they enter a haunted house. Enki got scared by a skeleton and lighted up the place with her cats stating her dislike for the place. Thinking about what kind of man Jin is Molly inquired Enki about it, making her rant about Jin's past deeds and how he put his faith in her as an ally. Rio noticed that Enki's words and expression were not matched and spoke her mind on it, prompting a quick reaction from Enki but the professor changed the subject to the fact that they are far from the close at first exit.

Losing patience with the never ending haunted house Enki got into an argument with Rio. After confirming that the hallway is looping the group is attacked by a scarecrow, one that Enki easily burns. Molly explains that their attackers are the Klein sisters then suddenly a puppet lion appears and while Rio is looking for the puppeteer Enki deals with it. After some trouble, Enki defeats the puppet just to be challenged now by a tin man. Meanwhile Rio found out where the sisters are and threw the portrait in which they were hiding for Enki to burn. With nowhere to hide anymore the sisters fled the scene. Enki and Rio high-fived for a job well done.

The group noticed as they approached the ferris wheel that Enki's cats disappeared, meaning that they have entered an eclipse zone. 

Later they found an injured Kaito and asked for an explanation.

The Hamelin TwinsEdit

Back from the amusement park Rio noticed Jiga's helicopters heading to the north. Enki asked if Jin was there.

Guard's DistrictEdit

As Jin struggled fighting Mizuki from the übermensch union he was saved at the nick of time by Enki who used her Bastet's claw to evaporate Mizuki's water needles. Jin thanked Enki's arrival but she reprimanded him saying he was too hard to find. Suddenly Mizuki sent a water torrent that crashed on Enki's abdomen, leaving her on the ground. Mizuki changed tactics from water needles to water spears and dared Enki to evaporate it. Feeling outmatched as she dodged, Enki called for a retreat to which Jin did not comply, reassuring her that they can win as he holds Enki and her hand to borrow her ability for a combination attack much to her embarrassment. This union presents itself as a giant fire feline launched at Mizuki.

The combined efforts of Jin & Enki surpasses Mizuki's attack as she is blown away. Jin holds Enki in the aftermath and Enki flustered shoved him away. Mizuki stands again and barks at Enki, saying she is being cocky just for holding hands with a man. As Mizuki prepares for a great attack she is knocked out cold by a surprise lock by Rio. Enki then tells Rio to put some clothes.

Out in the streets Rio annoys Enki about her seemingly new pack of friends. As she correctly guesses the weak enemy defence on their current position Enki questions Kakuta about his involvement with prisoners, more specifically if he is not afraid of them. Kakuta replies that Jin made him forget about it and that now his previous beliefs about altered have become meaningless. He wonders if Enki agrees and startled she just thinks that Kakuta understands Jin well.

Entering a building Rio unlocked Enki ponders where to go, Kakuta answers that they should find the guard's storage room. Enki notices some liquid falling on her cap and horrified notifies Jin about the children plasted on the ceiling. They reach the prepetrator but he escapes to another room using his powers. Enki rushes to the room before the group and activates her powers as it was a dark place. The sculptor ambushes them and Enki is trapped on the wall. Rio, who was immune to being trapped due to her abilities, knees the sculptor. Rio then nonchalantly excuses her nudity, Enki gets angry for her the lack of modesty. Rio lends Jin her ability to fight the sculptor and he defeats him but Jin's nudity extremely flusters Enki.


Bastet's Claw

Bastet's Claw (バステトの爪, Basuteto no Tsume) enables Enki to give form to artificial beings using flames. When she summons her flames, her hands darken and grows claws similar to a cat. She creates feline creatures, which appears to have trident-like tattoos on their heads with the middle prong looking like a laminar flame from a candle, and constantly clad in flames. As Enki stated, her flame cats are used for long range combat. At the moment, it is still not known whether there is a limit to how many cats she can summon at once. Enki's flames were intensified and her claws branch into a more demonic form when enraged, however she likely loses control in manipulating the powers.


Asura Saeki: Enki has nothing but respect for Asura. She is grateful to her for creating a safe place for women in the Darwinian Area D and holds no grudges even after being punished for doing small favors to enemies. She never thought of betraying her even after actively fighting her west comrades.

After Asura's death Enki still holds the same respect, getting furious at Gillman for wanting to desecrate her corpse.

Jin Kazaragi: she had a very rocky start with Jin, as she went ballistic at him for not finishing her off at gate D. Her defeat at Jin's hands was something her pride could not let go and she stalked him since, looking for a rematch as she considers him a formidable opponent. She was still willing to share some information about the prison's rules with him.

After being captured by the übermensch union and later rescued by Jin her anger grew as she thought Jin did so to get information on Asura. Jin's selfless nature and determination to save his friends changed Enki's vision on him turning all her animosity into a crush. Jin's trust in Enki made her affection for him grow but she refuses to admit it.

Rio Ibuki: the first time they talked Rio stated that they will most likely not get along to which Enki agreed, however Rio has been Enki's closest female ally in the manga. The way they discuss and deal with each other can be compared to two sisters. Rio is the one who notices Enki's change in emotions when talking about Jin, and being aware of her crush on him picks every opportunity to tease her about it.

Enki constantly deals with Rio's nudity and hates her lack of modesty. 

Kaito Yuuki: Kaito is the man who has spent the most time with Enki in the manga, they get along fairly well and are respectful to each other. Enki knows Kaito's calm demeanor enough to get surprised when he loses it.

They share the same opinion on making friends.

Mariko: Enki cares for Mariko and does not think of her as just a reanimated corpse. She berated Mariko for not talking about her condition in the eclipse zone and cried blaming her and Jin for making her act out character.

Isobe Shun: Enki knows Isobe and his gang. She judged him as someone who does not act rash. Isobe in turn knows about Enki and her abilities as he asked her if she tried to use her powers when she has being held captive by the übermensch union.

Molly Gajiro: Enki thinks very low of the professor as she views him as shameless pervert. The professor's physical approach to Enki has been answered with kicks and insults.

Übermensch Union: like everyone else in the manga she hates them and the way they work. Enki has a personal agenda against them for being held hostage and for making Jin fight Asura.


  • Enki stated that she has the qualifications to be a beautician.
  • Enki has been an inmate in area D for about 3 years and managed herself with no affiliations for 1 year.
  • Enki has 2 out of 3 "outs".
  • Enki loves the Wizard of Oz.
  • Enki is featured on Volume 6's cover.
  • Enki may have an inner fascination with fire as scientists stated that the altered's powers are the reflection of their heart's deepest desires.
  • She is the sculptor's work #284, baptized "The awakening of spring".

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