Biographical Information
Alias: Lizard
Physical Description
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male



Jin Kazaragi

Power: Lizard's Ability
Occupation: Assassin
Affiliation: Übermensch Union
Manga Debut: Altered.89

Lizard is one of Übermensch Union's assassins.

Appearance Edit

Lizard appears to be in mid or late twenties. He fashions black dreadlocks who are somewhat ponytailed. He has arched eyebrows formed from black circles. Lizard retains reptile looking ears and eyes. He is usually seen wearing gray cloak on top of his muscled body, matched with gray pants and military shoes.

Personality Edit

Lizard appears to be proud member of Übermensch Union and extremely loyal to Owl's Eye (even calls Garan as a traitor to herr Owl's Eye). When fighting Lizard is extremely confident in himself to take enemy down. He is hot-tempered and unable to accept his own mistakes.

History Edit

Prior getting into Area D, Lizard was covert assassin of unnamed country intelligence. As Mist states Lizard is dirty killer and because of that he was sent to island by former employer.

Plot Edit

At The Tower of Judgement Arc Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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