Biographical Information
Alias: Mist
Physical Description
Age: Deceased
Gender: Female



Jin Kazaragi

Power: Mist's Ability
Occupation: Assassin
Affiliation: Übermensch Union
Manga Debut: Altered.89

Appearance Edit

Mist has longish black hair and brown eyes. Mist appears to be in her mid thirties. She wears black steampunk style gas mask which supportive belts covers most of the head. Mask actually covers her mouth which is covered in scars presumably from some kind of explosion. Mist carries a big old fashioned canister presumably filled with water vapor. She adorns black spandex top, which shows her slender figure, black spandex pants with two belts attached on each tight and black high heels. The most distinguish appearance feature is that Mist has prosthetic arms made out of metal and controlled by gas pressure from canister.

Personality Edit

She appears to be quiet and analytical person. Mist was able to deduce that Zero kept quiet about transfering his ability to Jin but couldnt outwit him. She overconfident in groups ability to finish Jin but under-estimates Zero fighting potential.

History Edit

Nothing is known about Mist prior manga events.

Plot Edit

At The Tower of Judgement Arc Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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