Mr. Butler
Mr. Butler
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender: Male


Power: Moonlight Judgement
Occupation: Butler
Affiliation: West
Manga Debut: Altered.12
Image Gallery

Mr. Butler is the righthand man and utterly loyal servant to Asura of the West. His past and reasons for loyalty remain unknown, but Mr. Butler seems to be a man willing to die for his convinction, as he stated he would do anything Asura asks of him.


As his name suggests, Mr. Butler is the epithet of a butler. He is a tall, slender man with straight black hair, parted and combed to the right side. He wears traditional butler attire, a gray tuxedo jacket with a dress shirt and an elegantly designed tie. The tie has a cross-like symbol near Mr. Butler's neck. He also wears normal tuxedo pants, and black dress shoes. His signature piece of clothing is his grayish-black masquerade face mask, which he is seen wearing at all times. This face mask, that covers only his eyes, is reminiscent of masquerades and theatre, a theme that goes hand in hand with his master's ability "Greek Tragedy" and the overall Victorian aristocrat feel Asura tries to accomplish.





Enhanced Strength & Agility: Mr. Butler, as his name suggests, is Asura's personal butler, and with that title comes the responsibility of carrying her out of harm's way. Mr. Butler is seen swooping in to carry Asura off her feet, evading any danger that would've hit her. Asura has never been touched while Mr. Butler carries her.

Moonlight Judgement: This is Mr. Butler's altered ability, which allows him to reverse the relationship between shadows and the bodies casting them. He can also cast himself into shadows for spontatious travel much like Rio Ibuki's Shadow Play, minus the loss of clothing. 

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