Owl's Eye
Owls Eye
Biographical Information
Alias: Owl's Eye
Physical Description
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male

Rei Kazaragi


Jin Kazaragi

Power: Owl's Eye Ability
Occupation: Manager of Übermensch Union
Affiliation: Übermensch Union
Manga Debut: Altered.25
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A tall and slender looking man wearing an owl's mask. As part of his skillset, his hands and fingers have rigid, boney features to them. He sports a different types of tuxedo with an oriental crucifix broach centered at his collar and neck tie.


While being extremely loyal to Rei Kazaragi (addresses him as Führer Rei), Owls Eye appears to be quite intelligent, manipulative and calculating individual. He excessively talks in theatrical way. Owls Eye is very curious individual and enjoys when plan takes "interesting" turn. He is using "Ends justify the means" motto, meaning that he wont hesitate to kill, torture or kidnap in order to carry out Rei orders to full extent. As soon as the plan goes wrong, Owls Eye goes into berserk state where he destroys anything around him (including fellow members and surroundings).

History Edit

Sometime before Area D events Owls Eye ( real name - Niyama) worked in laboratory twelve. In Laboratory 12 there were performed human experiments, how to turn regular humans into altered. At that time as assistant he applied for that experiment. As Professor states, Owls Eye is artificial altered with implanted fake memories (this process called implementation) made by Ango Agatha. After experiment he got barcode and was placed into first housing district.


Reward of Courage ArcEdit

First appearing as a representative of the Übermensch Union to Jin Kazaragi when Isobe's crew attack him and co. Making an impression by slaughtering the S-class prisoners assailents using his own rather odd yet forward ability for a swift and lethal clean sweep.

But when Kazaragi refused and after Isobe attacked out of outrage and vindication, Owl's Eye quickly went on the offensive with his ability quickly making near shortwork of the latter but Kazaragi quickly copied his enemy turned ally's ability to escape at the last minute.


Owl's Eye's Ability

Hunters Prowess
His claws can emit a high hyper velocity air rip that can slice through stone and steel with relative ease. This being the focal point of his power, yet the key to it however, is his keen eyesight hence "Owl's Eye". which enables him to focus his slash waves on a specific target. 
Distance is seemingly irrelevant; his range of vision is wide and accurate, however, any obstruction to his vision can alter his attack's trajectory.   

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