Gajiro Molly
Biographical Information
Alias: The Prof
Physical Description
Gender: Male


Power: Super Memory
Occupation: Prisoner
Manga Debut: Altered.55

Appearance Edit

In his true form Professor's head become much bigger than rest of his body and he's usually seen is black robe and holding book. He fashions glasses with attached broken magnifier. Professor is shorter than Rio Ibuki, making him shortest person on Jin's crew. He has thick white eyebrows, white beard with mustache and clean shaven sideburns.

Under presence of eclipse effects Professor changes his appearance into middle aged man with gravity defying hair. He sports gray coat, stripped shorts and sandals. He still retains mustache, beard and glasses. The biggest difference that his head becomes normal size.

Personality Edit

While being extremely intelligent and logical (calls himself humanity's most intelligent brain), Professor is actually quite eccentric person - like for cooperation compensation he asks Rio, Enki and Kaito to cosplay for him and is called pervert for doing it.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Super Memory allows Professor store any information that he sees.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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