Sol (ソル Soru) is Luna's twin sister. Both infamously known as the Hamelin Twins she and Luna are the true leaders of the South block.

Biographical Information
Kanji: ソル
Rōmaji: Sol
Alias: Hamelin Twin
Physical Description
Gender: Female

Luna (twin sister)


Satoru Ida



Power: Sol's Ability
Occupation: Prisoner
South Boss
Affiliation: South
Manga Debut: Altered.59
Image Gallery

Appearance Edit

Sol is a slim young girl with long wavy dark colored hair, contrary to her sister she has a horizontal braid that ends in a bun on her left side.

Sol wears a varsity jacket, shorts with a pouch to her side and Chuck Taylor styled sneakers. At her introduction she had an oversized hat to conceal her long hair.

Four years before the story she came to Area D wearing a big coat.

Personality Edit

Unlike her sister Sol is headstrong, brash, rude and tomboyish despite not wanting to be seen as a boy.

Sol however shares her sister's compassion and wishes to avoid bloodshed. She is very protective of anyone she considers her subordinate and even friends of them, willing to put her own safety at risk. Despite such actions she is uninterested in any form of remuneration.

Sol feels extreme guilt about her past and wishes to make as much as she can to amend the damage she caused. Sol considers her actions unexcusable even if they were children when it happened, showing a heavy conscience.

History Edit

According to Molly, when they were children Sol and her sister Luna were used as weapons in Central and South America to agitate rebellions. The duo known as the "Hamelin twins" took a toll of 84,205 lives. This number haunts Sol to this day and inspired her to vow to save much more lives than those she took.

Plot Edit

Eclipse Prison Edit

While Satoru tried to escape his container a voice told him to step aside as the wall detonated. Sol then berated Satoru for not stepping aside in turn Satoru yelled at her to identify herself, Sol told him that her name was not important and that he will be her henchman, offering to take good care of him should he obey every word she says[1].

Sol Appears

Sol investigated Satoru's container only to find a dead end at a door that won't budge. Neverminding that failure, she ordered food from Satoru and after finding it under a blanket she gluttoned it all. Satoru asked who she was and Sol told him she is her neighbour brought there a day ago, Satoru followed by asking what she means by him being her henchman and Sol replied that he was not fit to survive in the district so he should become her subordinate. The two argued about what it entails to be a boss; Satoru stating that she is just a kid and Sol telling him that a boss is someone capable of protecting its subordinates with age being irrelevant. The discussion is cut short by approaching guards and Sol told Satoru to hide the rubble with his blanket to make it seem he is asleep, the guards muttered to each other that the prisoners will be disposed after Owl's Eye call, prompting Sol to haste Satoru[2].

Hearing explosions coming from outside Sol commented on the noise and that since she is not aware of what is happening they should get ready, suddenly she signaled Satoru that another guard came and just then another man approached said guards as Sol inquired Satoru about it only to get a shush in response. The guards who were on Owl's Eye orders to kill the hostages were in turn killed by that man while Sol & Satoru watched in horror[3]. The man approached the cell, as they tried to keep quiet, and smirked. The man told them that he will take one hostage while the other relays a message, Sol swiftly kicked Satoru in the stomach to immobilize him stating that he is not fit to be a hostage and that it was the boss' duty to put the life on the line[4]. The man takes Sol hostage leaving Satoru as the messenger.

Sol is a Girl

The man held the unconscious Sol in his arms. Kaito told the man revealed as Zero to let her go and he did. As Zero easily gained the upperhand against Kaito he is tackled by Sol yelling that she won't let the friend of her subordinate die[5], Zero retaliates with a knee strike then he lifts and threatens her with dissection. Kaito who saw her sister in Sol rushed at Zero and snapped her out of his grip but collapsing shortly after to his injuries, Sol screamed at him for such display astonished. The timely arrival of Mariko forced Zero to retreat and as Kaito was recovering consciousness Sol inquired if he remembers anything[6].

The Hamelin Twins Edit

Doctor Soga arrived to check on Kaito's condition. Sol chides him for being late and calls him a quack, Soga corrected her insult then nonchalantly recognized her by name and commented on her appearance stating that she looks just like her sister. While Soga is treating Kaito's injuries Satoru thanked Sol for protecting him but Sol was more interested in punishing him for thinking she was a boy. Hokto and Nanbu approached her and while she praised their work they told her that her sister Luna left the South block; Sol raged at the late news and at Luna for acting on her own. Her subordinates explained that Luna went to stop Goz and stated that Sol was strong enough to keep the South at peace. Not happy at the statement Sol yelled that Luna is required for them to be perfect, Molly interjects recognizing both as the "Hamelin twins", Sol is shocked and demanded to hear how much he knows. Molly calmly tells Sol that he knows everything they did in the past[7].

Sol's Resolution

Molly provoked Sol about her past and pondered if Goz was aware of it. A grieving Sol asked if he was testing her and explained how it happened when they were children who knew no better yet considers that their condition at the time is no excuse and will shoulder the blame then loudly announces that 84,205 people, the number of lives lost[8], is a number she will never forget and that she will save more lives than that as a vow she and her sister Luna swore to Goz. Bemoaningly Sol concluded that she can't lose any more than she already has and pleaded Molly to stop prying. Sol says that for those reasons Luna would easily throw her life away and that she can't leave her alone. Saying her mind Sol takes his subordinates and Satoru to where Luna is.

Sol & Luna Appease Goz

After Goz hits Luna unintentionally in his rage and despairs at his action, he recalls his encounter with the twins[9]. Four years ago the twins were being chased for two days just after being interned in Area D. The pursuers were interested in the twins' powers and offered protection in exchange for it, threatening to tell the rest of the prison about them if they refuse. Goz appears menacingly behind the twins, scaring them. The thugs recognize Goz and his feats and thinking that he wants to be part of the deal promise him bonanzas but before the thug could keep slandering the twins Goz cuts him short with a punch[10]; the twins thanked him and wanted to know who he was and Goz answered that it was not important and that he just shut down noise. Goz remarks that he is not interested in the twins' past and that everyone is equal in the prison. Goz suddenly starts trasnforming and loudly warns them to keep distance. While Goz is losing his rationality to his beastly instincts he is calmed down by the twins powers. They thank Goz one last time before leaving, Goz ask where are they going and Sol replies that they don't know, recalling their actions as weapons to agitate rebellions, she concludes that they are just devils with no right to peace nor hope. Goz counters saying that they saved him from his insanity, that they can decide what to make of their powers and offers the twins a path in life by saving more altered like him, promising his protection if they do so.

Sol Faces Jiga

As a furios Jiga is hindering Luna's rescue Sol appears and sings, making the guards lose their will to fight[11]. Jiga is unnmoved and continues that assault. Jin interjects saying that Sol is just a child but Jiga does not care and keeps going. Sol uses her powers to hold Jiga[11] however she is relentless and breaks free and only a timely call from the adminstration stops her. Relieved Sol catches a break and praised Jin's bravery, Jin is not aware who she is and Sol introduces herself as Luna' sister, Satoru's boss and offers Jin a position as a subordinate too. Sol then says that Luna is more important at the moment and that they can thank her later. She is handcuffed along Goz and sees Jin off[11].

Abilities Edit

Sol's ability uses her voice to alter the state of the mind. While it can be used to agitate people into a frenzy it can also be used to ease and lower aggression. Sol was shown to be able to use her powers to stop her target's movement, materializing her voice into thorns surrounding her target.

Relationships Edit

Luna Edit

Luna is Sol's beloved twin sister. Both were used as weapons to instigate rebellion in Central and South America with heavy casualties. She and her sister share the weight of their past but while Sol wants to live and save more people than those she killed in her childhood, she considers that Luna will give up her life for it and that mentality worries her greatly.

Goz Edit

While initially frightened by his imposing appearance Sol and Luna found in Goz a goal in life when he proposed to make amends using their powers to alleviate the insanity of altered like him while he promised to protect them. This vow gave the three hope for the future.

Satoru IdaEdit

She is the self-proclaimed boss of him. Having a pebbly start Sol showed great concer for Satoru' safety as she was unwilling to let him be taken hostage and later putting herself at risk to save Kaito for being his friend. She considers that he owes her nothing for saving his or Kaito's life.

Trivia Edit

  • Sol was the solar deity in Ancient Roman religion. Sol also means Sun in Latin.
  • She does not like to be mistaken for a boy.

References Edit

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