Biographical Information
Alias: Sou
Physical Description
Age: Deceased
Gender: Unknown



Jin Kazaragi

Power: Sou's Ability
Affiliation: Übermensch Union
Manga Debut: Altered.89

Appearance Edit

Sou is extremely tall individual who appears to be wearing diving suit. Usually he wears white cloak on top of suit.

Personality Edit

Sou dont speak much. He prefers to speak in one word short sentences.

History Edit

Nothing is known about Sou prior entering Area D island.

Plot Edit

At The Tower of Judgement Arc Edit

Sou appears with Mist and Lizard in front of Owls Eye to get further instructions about capturing Jin alive. While Mist interrogates Zero, Sou appears to be holding hand over Zero's head. After Zero kills Mist, Sou enrages and is seen to be following him but as soon as Sou sees Jin, he changes his priority target. As Sou charges towards Jin, he is stopped by Mariko. Then Zero uses this situation and cuts Sou's head thus activating his ability. True form Sou puts continues to charge towards unconscious Jin while devouring fellow Übermensch Union in his way. As he changes his target to Satoru Ida, Sou falls into Jin trap when Satoru activates his ability and electrocutes Sou. He explodes into black dense substance pieces scattered across hall.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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