• May I be an admin here?

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    • Usually I don't mind making someone admin when they have made good and enough contributions. But this is not the case, so the answer would be: no. Not to mention it gives bad impression when your first edit is "want to be admin". It makes it feel you are just "power" hungry, than actually wanting to help the wiki.

      I went and checked your contributions on other wikis (as you don't have such here, so I can't base my opinion whatever you are fitting or not). Well overall above 80% of your contributions are just blog comments, talk pages edits, etc. With not so many actual contributions. In my opinion, giving your interests on what you do on wikia, you are more suited for an chat/forum moderator. Unfortunately, the wiki is quite dead, even more after the manga ended, so we don't really need such help here.

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    • okie dokie

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    • I actually just wanted to try out some coding for the chat room here

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    • There is usually no one in the chat room. Like I said, the wiki is pretty dead.

      If you just wanted to test things, then this is not a place to test your stuff. Either go to the test wiki or create your own test wiki, where you can test things as much as you want.

      I seriously hope you didn't want to be made admin just to test your things. I can't even start to explain how wrong that would have been...

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    • Oh course not

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    • A FANDOM user
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