World of Mist
Mists ability
Romaji Kiri no Sekai


First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.90

The World of "Mist" is the ability of Mist.

Usages and Limitations Edit

The World of Mist allows Mist to create illusionary worlds from the water vapor. For the ability to take effect, the mist must shroud a certain area that it wishes to place the illusion on. Inside the mist, she can freely change the physical "world" inside it. For example, she created forests and ruins when she was helping Lizard fight Jin Kazaragi. One downside of her power is that she cant affect non-living objects who aren't touched by living beings. She also needs her tank which enables to create huge amounts of water vapor.

Known Worlds Edit

  • A city with flat roads and building.
  • A jungle with vines and huge trees.
  • A cave with spiked rocks.

Trivia Edit

  • When she used her powers first time, she said welcome to my "World of Mist" which represent name of her ability.
  • Her ability and name may have reference from the Greek Mythology's "the Mist."

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