Biographical Information
Alias: Zero
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Kaito Yuuki
Satoru Ida
Rio Ibuki
Jin Kazaragi

Power: Mind Reading
Occupation: Prisoner
Affiliation: Übermensch Union (presumably)
Manga Debut: Altered.61
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Zero is former anti-altered deviant who associates with Übermensch Union while having his own agenda.

Appearance Edit

Zero appears to be in his thirties. Zero is a tall and muscular man with bald head and brown eyes. He is usually seen in a pair of cargo pants, military shoes and a hoodie (over the stripped shirt) under the jacket. There's a large scar covering upper head and right cheek area. He has "Z" sign on his left cheek. As Satoru Ida states, his eyes are cold like a lens. Zero carries various equipment as knifes, grenades and explosives under his jacket. His main weapons are two enormous knifes with cross symbols.


While first impression of Zero is cold blooded altered killer who will kill anyone who interferes with him, he actually has somewhat codex of honor - prefers to fight one on one and doesnt like any interruptions. Zero follows iron clad rule never teaming up with anyone. There's speculation that after killing Kaito Yuuki sister he gave himself to police just because he broke his personal code. He is intelligent person who is able to prepare for any situation while having backup plan. Zero was able to deduct how works Jin's ability. Zero is often seen smiling even while fighting or under stressed situations meaning that he enjoys challenge.

History Edit

Two years ago, Zero an altered, was a serial killer who targeted other altered people in Kumagayashi city in Saitama prefecture. Out of his eight victims, seven were altered and one was normal human being which was Kaito Yuuki's sister. It is unknown how Zero was caught or how he arrived into Area D.

Plot Edit

Eclipse Prison Arc Edit

Zero was first seen in Kaito Yuuki flashback about his sister death, though he was named as "The guy with a Z tattooed on his face".

Zero meets and kills two Übermensch Union members who were guarding hostages (Satoru Ida and Sol) in prison. Then he takes Sol and leaves Satoru as a messenger to tell Kaito Yuuki that he prays for his sister every evening. As Kaito approaches him, he is seen to be holding unconscious Sol and reciting a poem from Brothers Grimm tale. Later Zero fights Kaito and proceeds to knock him, then he states that his sister had a meaningless death and Kaito has the right to kill him. He proceeds to stab Kaito multiple times with throwable knifes while avoiding major organs.

As Satoru Ida tries to help Kaito, Zero blows up staircase in order that no one would interfere. When Sol tries to attack him, he states that he will dissect her just because he's "not fond of those who interfere" but just before doing so Mariko attacks him. While fighting her Zero decides to leave the scene and tells that he wont kill Kaito because "The fruit is not yet ripe enough to be devoured..."

Guards' District Arc Edit

Shortly after Jin touches and mimicries Avant-Garde Sculptors ability, Zero interferes and gives him his ability, making Jin stuck into concrete floor. Just when Avant-Garde Sculptor proceeds to kill him with knife, Zero stabs Sculptor in order that Jin wouldnt make physical contact with knife, which would enable to steal Sculptors ability. Then he leaves dead Sculptor and stuck Jin.

At The Tower of Judgement Arc Edit

Zero suggests idea to Garan, Lizard, Sou and Mist that they should kill Jin Kazaragi because fighting him and Administrative Bureau would be devastating. While Lizard is fighting Jin, Mist states that Kazaragi will lose - "Garan and Sou wont get a shot at him" but Zero says that he's not sure of that, implying that he knows something more. As Mist interrogates Zero about why he kept quiet about the fact that he gave Jin his ability, Zero keeps calm and answers that she shouldnt waste time because Jin is about to know the truth about world she made. Unknowingly he fatally stabs Mist three times and enrages Sou by taunting him. Later he is seen to be chased by Sou though by this Zero wants prove his theory whenever Sou is putting Jin as his number one target. He cuts Sou head and by doing so Zero releases Sou's true form. Last he is seen fleeing from released Sou.

Abilities Edit

Mind Reading allows user to read a persons mind as long as two conditions are met. First, the user has to see the opponent and secondly the opponent has to focus thoughts towards the target. Mind reading doesn't work if the user is being attacked by an enemy who is not thinking or a person who purely moves on instinct.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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